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Community Manager

Bear with me as I step in for the wonderful @Lauz  whilst she is off enjoying her honeymoon and have a crack at our Community Wrap!

For the wonderful people who wanted a reminder Smiley Very Happy @Zoe7  @oceangirl @greenpea @eth @Determined @Teej @Snowie @Maggie @CheerBear @frog @Shaz51 @Hope4me @Sans911 @Razzle @Hamsolo01 @Adge @Dec  @BlueBay @outlander @Former-Member  Thank you to @Teej  for your input too, and all our Community Guides for your work across the forums Heart
Happy August wonderful SANE Members. Heart
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In the Lived Experience side of the forums, we are celebrating @missj54  Smiley Very Happy   Who wrote this incredible post about managing Schizophrenia here - amazing stuff!


Moving to the Carer's side, we are celebrating @Darcy who is super good at supporting & providing resource to fellow members, such as here Smiley Very Happy 

PS- if you ever feel like sharing something you would like to celebrate for yourself or shouting out a celebration to another member, check out the Thumbs up Thursday- Woohoo thread!
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Lived Experience Forum:

"I know that a lot of my recovery has come from me and the effort that I have put to build the therapeutic relationship that we now have, in and not merely from my doctor. You can have the best shrink or psychologist in the world but if you don’t actively participate and do the hard work you’re probably only going to tread water or regress." by @Corny  here


Carers Forum:
One of our wonderful Community Guide's @Faith-and-Hope wrote this beautiful piece on values: "I think it comes back to values, and trying to balance them as best we can, on a ball, atop marbles on the the floor beneath it ..... and have the courage to simply try, and believe that things can be better, or at least okay-ish .... and worth it ..... and they are worth it ..... and we are worth it ...... and this way the illness doesn’t win either."

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