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@Mollie  @Alwaysconfused3 

Talking about our past experiences to a professional, or even just a trusted friend or colleague is very hard, it brings up so much emotion, and can be a traumatic experience in itself.  But when you feel ready, (which going by your previous posts you do sound like you are ready for that step) it can relieve a lot of pressure and stress and start you on the journey of healing.


Like I said earlier, I kept my CSA a secret for 40years.  I have never told my family, and have decided I probably never will.  My marriage started to break down 2 years ago and through marriage counselling I realised just how much my CSA had affected both my marriage and just myself.  I started seeing my marriage councillor one on one about 12 months ago for CSA and after a few months I was able to tell my husband what had happened.


It wasn’t easy, in fact I started getting terrible anxiety and panic attacks, I even had to stop the car and throw up on the side of the road on the way

home from one of my sessions.  But, it does get better, a little easier.  There are still bad days, I still react poorly to some triggers, but with help I can understand what I’m feeling and manage myself better.


I guess there is truth to the saying “a problem shared is a problem halved”.  You are extremely brave to share your stories and to seek out help.  I hope you can find a professional that you can trust.  


I’m happy to chat if ever you need a friendly ear.  I hope to see you both around the forums 🙂🙂


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