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Something’s not right

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hi there @EOR Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, to deal with.

Yep to the feeling cold - I've had semi-numb cold toes & fingers, most days.

Even though I've been living on my own for the past 9 years @Zoe7 My pets hold me very accountable.

I'm not a free agent.

Jelly cat can be a harsh task-mistress, when her bowl isn't totally full of cat biscuits.

Or when I don't give her special treats often enough.

It's like the cat picture (with caption) that I tried to post on the forum (it wouldn't post) - it says:

"Get the Treats Right now, or I will pull the plug" (on your computer).....


Re: why can't I cope longer?

haha @Adge Cat is like that too - if I don't feed her at HER feeding times then I certainly hear all about it. Toby is a little more 'casual' - as long as he gets fed at some stage - around feeding times - he is okay. Pets do make us accountable in that respect but they certainly do not care if we have showered or the house is clean ....Toby actually likes it better as he has mre 'toys' to play with lol

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hi @EOR , sounds like you're working hard to look after yourself. Sorry to hear it's been challenging for you lately. I can hear that sleep has been an issue and I can completely understand wanting to get on top of that - just wanted to highlight that it's important to make sure if you're taking strong medication to help with that, it's important to do so with the supervision of a GP to make sure it's a safe dosage and you're not at risk. Take care. 

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Thanks for the reminder PurplePanda2, people should know its dangerous, but I know what I'm doing.

@ Adge, so glad you still have JellyCat. Youre more disciplined than me... My furbaby jumps up on the bed and literally gets right in my face if I've forgotten to feed her or to top up her water bowl... she keeps me going. I've had a lot of life losses, that's why I don't fuss much about things like showering etc, it just doesn't matter so much, unless I go out in public which is rare these days.


@Zoe7 , hope your fast asleep this week small hour. @ Did you know showering once a week is the minimum requirement in aged care nursing homes, and nurses use wipes in between if needed 😮 


I'm very lucky really, that I still have a warm place to sleep comfortably xox

Re: why can't I cope longer?


Bit sad here, just tied to reach my son, tx asked him why he's not replied to yesterday's tx? but he tx back a tirade 😞 which I know he wouldn't do if he wasn't down, and I don't know what to do.  Said I'll ring shortly & to plz pick up... I waited 15min and just got voicemail 😞😢...
I feel like I have to let him go... Then I feel like I just lost my son... 😭
Is it me... nobody wants depressed people in their life... 

Is he really better off without me...seems im one of those toxic ppl the world teaches to cut ties with... 

That's what my toxic sister pasts all over fb.

Oh God please help me get out of bed today... or at least help me want to.
And help me to not need ppl

Re: why can't I cope longer?

friends true -235407-01.jpeg

Just had to drop this here 🌷 

Thanks to for all support ☑️ 

Signing off now

Gotta exit blanket bay...


Check in later...

Re: why can't I cope longer?

eor.gifjust dropping by to say hello @EOR 

Re: why can't I cope longer?

sending you hugs @EOR Heart

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Love the image and message @EOR - especially love that there areso,many butterflies - spoke to me Hon Heart Sorry you are still being avoided by yiur son - that is really sad. Smiley Sad Hope you made it out of bed for a little bit of time at least today. Thinking of you EOR Heart

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hi @Shaz51
@outlander, that's so cute the gif, is she a sloth? lol
@Zoe7, ah, you picked up on the butterfly tree 😁👍
Today I did the dishes, and filled the green Otto bin with tree cuttings. Bit of a cold breeze to be out long today... but surprised I did it.

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