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Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Hello @PeppiPatty, over here my special friend xx

Hello Everyone

Love to hear from others on the forum if you experience this

My hubby has been diagnosed with lots of things and has had MI all his life

do you find things goes ok and i start to feel confident and wanting to go forward and then everytime something always happens to upset it -- sometimes I think is it a controlling thing ?? that he wants to be in control ??

Don`t know if I am making this up , but i have that feeling ,



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Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Dear @Shaz51

I cannot describe to  you how happy I am to get this message from my special friend,

Now lets put clever @Faith-and-Hope @Appleblossom @Former-Member @Jacques @NikNik @CherryBomb  @Susannah

I'm having a mind blank.....can you continue @Shaz51 thinking of others who have had or have children or partners in this situation ??

Yes, yes. Your feeling would be right @Shaz51

in my books at least. Whenever my husband has a bad week, he gets controlling and demanding. We both have a routine though and I've found that since we have cut sugar from our diet......he is definately getting better. 

It's a llittle easier for us because he has a diagnosis and he's on medication that is regulated every fortnight. WE get nurses coming into our home to check on him and give him his needle and sometimes take him out for coffee. 

Peppi PAtty 



Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Hello @PeppiPatty xoxo

he's on medication that is not  regulated every fortnight. ,

trying to get him to see the doctor

he has put on a lot of weight because of the meds , he has been on the meds for a year now with no assistance

that sounds like a good idea @PeppiPatty  as he drinks a lot of cordial

When he gets controlling and demanding. he doesn`t want to do anything , go anywhere

I am thinking of all the things he might be worried about

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

it's a comfort zone for him maybe, and sounds like control but that comes in all shapes and sizes, only becomes a problem when its not working for one or the other, re wanting to do something other than hanging at home @Shaz51 

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Hello @TAB, @PeppiPatty xx

I think you are totally right @TAB

he can`t wait to get back home in the afternoon , the earier the better ,

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

do you have people you see or things you do outside the house on your own @Shaz51 ?

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

sorry to say @TAB,  but no

as I don`t drive and my  friends never see me only talk to me  on facebook

I am glad that we have work as I can talk to the customers

I think if we didn`t have work I would feel totally isolated


Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Hmm ever thought of driving? Is car only optio where you are? What about walks or perhaps join a group as lame that might sound.. I remember doing courses like a day or two only getting buses walking there. What about a pushy? Think thats on my list. Can walk to shops now not like last place at. Occurred to me no parking hassles as I was walking 🚶 home 😀 Lol

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Hello @TAB xx

I can walk, would be a ten minute walk to the center of town

Learning to drive is out because of my rubella syndrome -- blind in one eye and totally deaf in one ear , hearing aid in the other , so I have walked


Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

walking is good .. just go a cooler times of day ..sorry do recall you having said that now re eye, ear @Shaz51 what groups do they have? or just wander, coffee shops, walks in park/bush maybe, just getting out can be a big thing ..different sights sounds, peace even maybe and yes people can 'reflect' what they are picking up from other person esp when together a lot of the time, could be a good thing to 'smell the daisies' maybe ..Smiley Happy ..charge your batteries..

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