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Hey I'm new to forums I've been looking for someone to talk to about my schizophrenia for the past few weeks I've noticed my symptoms are a little worse for example last week I was at work and I started hearing voices and they were quite loud I didn't like what they were saying but I tried to continue working I wasn't able to concentrate and I was really upset my supervisor knows that I have schizophrenia and she's very understanding so when I asked if I could go home for the day there was no issue she asked if I wanted to talk about it I said no at the moment I really feel isolated because I don't know any one with schizophrenia so I find it hard to open up and talk about it because they just wouldn't understand I don't wanto feel alone Smiley Sad

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Re: Schizophrenia

Hi @Fractured

I'm Arie one of the moderators here on the forums. Firstly I would like to welcome you to the forums and congratulate you on your first post!

The forums are a place where you can connect with others in providing support, share your expereinces and get support from others who have or are going through similar expereinces.

 I'm not sure if you have had a chance as yet, but when you get a moment have a look through the community guidelines 

Please look around the forum, feel free to contribute on other threads and become part of the online community.


Re: Schizophrenia

I know how u feel mate I get similar problems but add the look ups at the same time wear u can't help but look up wat meds u on ?

Re: Schizophrenia

Anti psychotics

Re: Schizophrenia

The site won't let me type what I'm taking for treatment

Re: Schizophrenia

Hi @Fractured, our community guidelines allow you to talk about types of medication (like anti-psychotics or anti-depressants) but not the name of the medication itself.  It's just better to talk about specifics with your treatment team. 

Re: Schizophrenia

Oh ok cool thanks for the heads up

Re: Schizophrenia

I live with schizoaffective disorder (which is like a combination of bipolar and schizophrenia at the same time). At the moment my voices are very active. I use a lot of distraction techniques to get by. Having said that, I am totally unable to work at the moment and have to have a low stress environment, in case it causes a flare up in symptoms. I take antipsychotic medication, but it only does so much and the rest is up to me in order to keep 'functional'. 

So welcome @Fractured. There are a few threads about schizophrenia and psychosis on the boards. Have a look through and I'm sure you'll find them. Smiley Happy

Re: Schizophrenia

How do you keep functional ? What's daily life like ? @Queenie

Re: Schizophrenia

This question is off topic do I add a profile pic ??

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