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Community Elder

My Ndis nightmare!

Hey folks,


Just dropping in to tell you all about the latest Ndis fiasco to hit me. I was funded for support coordination and met with my support coordinator once and nothing since. No referrals, no assessments just empty promises. I’ve been emailing and emailing and nothing. She doesn’t have a phone number I could contact her on. Today I phone head office out of frustration and was told she doesn’t even work there anymore and hasn’t for some time.


I am beyond ropeable! My case was dropped and not taken up with anyone else, despite signing a service agreement eight weeks ago. Freaking gutted and not happy at all!!!


I will be complaining to the NDIA about this! Who’ll listen I’m not sure but I’m disgusted!


Re: My Ndis nightmare!

Hey @Queenie 🙂 Good to see you!

Big grrr for you and your NDIS nightmare. I'd be seriously peeved by that too. A good support coordinator is so important. A not so good one can really make it hard. A disappearing one - far out 😑🙄

The NDIS and almost everything about it is a mess for me too 🙁 I don't really post about it anymore as it's done and is doing my head in. One day I hope it all gets sorted out for all of us who struggle with it.

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