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For a while I have tried to find a thread I had started when I joined the forum that could be a "home" thread for me.  

Being busy about the forum has been a coping style, where I can acknowledge all my different life experiences that had been silenced. Possibly do some good and prevent things from getting worse. Like the little boy with the finger in the dyke. 

Feeling fragile 

Needing Nurture

Abbott_Handerson_Thayer-sleep- 1887.jpegPink fragile rose - Leila Holberg.jpegMoments of BeautyThe_Grape_Picker_by_William-Adolphe_Bouguereau.jpgMorning_light_-_B Gassenbauer.jpegUntitled landscape.jpg

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Re: Fragile

Hello @Appleblossom Beautiful artwork. I hope today is a little easier. Thinking of you and sending peace your way.

Re: Fragile

Gentle greetings to you, @Appleblossom. Hi again, @frogWoman Happy

Sending good feelings to both of you today. Heart

Re: Fragile

Thanks @frog 

Using art to ground myself in my core values.

SImple food and work.

Protection of young and vulnerable and value of sleep.

Beauty and fragility.

Home and table and light and air.

Trees, growth, landscape, rocks and Australian art.

Thanks @Mazarita

Old friends

@Former-Member @Teej @Shaz51 @Faith-and-Hope @Adge @Darcy @eth @greenpea @Zoe7 @utopia @outlander @Decadian @Former-Member @Sahara

New friends

@Winterz and @Hamsolo01

Needing to trim my activities on the forum.

Please do not be offended if I have forgotten to tag you.  This is just a new start for me. I dont want to be too generic. Trying to learn from social messages and cues.

Hope all goes well with you.


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Re: Fragile

The best things and moments are found in simplicity - pure and natural. Beautiful artwork @Appleblossom 💜

Re: Fragile

Art is such a wonderful way to view the world in so many different ways and from many persepctives @Appleblossom Smiley Happy

Living simply and sincerely, valuing nature and its immense beauty, seeing that beauty in ourselves and others also are very pure ways to live. We too often 'demand' more of ourselves than we can achieve but understanding ourselves better can lead to a loosening of expectations and a path to a simpler, more fulfilling life... easier said than done but definitely worth striving for Heart

Re: Fragile

Hello @Appleblossom - I am glad you are finding solace in art and simplicity, Very wise way of being. Gentle waves. 💜

Re: Fragile

Thank you @Zoe7 @Former-Member  I know we see eye to eye on many things.

@Ooooh @MoonGal So lovely to see you.

Since I met you, some pdoc said I might have BiPolar mixed state .. but he is not ready to commit to it ... dodges it whenever I ask again ...but puts in re: section with my Gp.  She did not realise that it was not in concrete yet! 

I found some of your early posts personally helpful.

I have been on the forum for nearly 3 years so it is easy to miss a few people who are not around a lot.  Glad you did not take it personally.

Smiley Happy

Re: Fragile

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Re: Fragile

hugs @Appleblossom glad you have created a new home thread for you and nurturing yourself in ways that are meaningful to you (i.e. through art). I hope that this space is helpful for you. take care of you.

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