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Adult living with anorexia

I am in my 40s, lived through anorexia in my teens and again in my 20s,  have been fighting again for 5 years and have never felt more alone.

Due to living outside a regional area help is nesr non existent unless you can afford to pay for private counseling and add on large expenses of fuel for 3 hour round trips.

So much talk of more accessible help but despite numerous calls to all help centers there is nothing to help me.

Just adds to the feelings of worthlessness and that I'm not worth helping. 

I'm sure I cant be alone in this but with no support groups within 200km I cannot make any contacts and this is consuming me.


Re: Adult living with anorexia

hello and welcome @Breeze
im sorry to hear how tough it is for you. I do suffer from disordered eating so can relate to some of the things you may be experiencing.
have you heard of the Butterfly Foundation? they are a website for those with eating disorders and they can offer you counselling when you need to. I think (not to sure though) they offer weekly online/phone counselling or it may be an option due to lack of avalaiblity in your area.

Re: Adult living with anorexia

Hi @Breeze ..... hearing you.  

Re: Adult living with anorexia

Hi @Breeze - how are things going for you? @outlander mentioned a great organisation if you haven't already had a go at calling them Butterfly Foundation


I've just moved this thread from 'Social Spaces' to 'Our Stories' section of the forum as it is a bit more suited and will help more members to easily find your thread and get some replies and support to you. 💙

Re: Adult living with anorexia

Hi again @Breeze 


Stopping by to see how you are going.  Are you making your way with the forums ?  Is there anything you would like help to navigate with, or perhaps to chat some more about how you are feeling ?


Please feel free to ask questions if you have them.

Re: Adult living with anorexia

Hey @Breeze I completed a swab for scientists doing a worldwide studying into anorexia. I hope we get some results soon. I have been in your shoes. 

Re: Adult living with anorexia

Thankyou @Faith-and-Hope @Lauz @asdf @outlander   appreciate your support, have been off for awhile, you're sure to understand. The shame I feel at being me consumes me.
Struggling, got to hope there is something better ahead.

Re: Adult living with anorexia

@Lauz @outlander @@Butterfly fountain while good have nothing to offer me. I don't live in the 'right' area for any organization to hel
They can all help if I'm prepared to do a 6 hour trip.

For urgent assistance, call: