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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

what’s in your tool box?

Hi everyone 

I’m after some more suggestions. 

I have a small coping box which includes - walking, using the forum, out in the garden, listening to music. 

I don’t have much motivation. 

What do you do when you are not coping? What do you do when you’re overwhelmed and need something to move that feeling. 

Sometimes I don’t even think of using a coping tool because my feelings are just too much. 




Re: what’s in your tool box ?

Hi @BlueBay ,


They are all good things to have in your toolbox.  There is a thread about this which you might find useful.  I've tried to put the link in below.  Fingers crossed it works for you.  Smiley Happy


Mine is pretty similar to yours.  I have colouring in  books, hand cream, spa and sauna and a few other bits and pieces.

Re: what’s in your tool box ?

Great suggestions @Gazza75 

thanks 😊

Re: what’s in your tool box ?

Your welcome @BlueBay , I think its really beneficial to consider and think about this stuff and be as prepared as you can be.  There are lots of great ideas and suggestions in the thread. 


I wrote a little bit about building resillience that I can try and find for you if you like.  


I've done a course at work on it and also some stuff from more recently.

Re: what’s in your tool box ?

 hey @BlueBay 

you might get some more ideas from this thread Got a coping strategy that you find good? Share it here Smiley Happy 


for me i find findawords, drawing/painting, crochet, my worry box, funny tv shows, or showers helpful. 

some people like bubbles, doing their hair or nails, hand or foot massages with a nice smelling moisuriser, or stress balls quite helpful. 

Re: what’s in your tool box ?

Hi @BlueBay @outlander @Gazza75 

For me at the moment water tai chi in a heated pool twice most weeks is the number one thing that's working.  It takes away all thoughts other than doing it and really puts me in a zen zone afterwards.

I also lie down, close my eyes and focus on my breathing, slowing it down and making it deeper.  Often I manage to zone out for 10 minutes or so if I do it for a while.  I try to do this most days mid afternoon. 

I recently had a panic attack and you're right BlueBay it's hard to remember what works in that moment, but I am finding I do my breathing sooner and calm down sooner after many years of knowing the theory.

Other things I do that make me feel better are cooking to share, helping others (like on the forums), gardening, listening to music, crochet or other craft activity, reading, going to the beach for a walk or just to sit in the elements, learning to play bridge, and writing.  

Re: what’s in your tool box ?

@BlueBay  Great thread. My dog is a huge toolbox help. A shower has to come high on my list, crafts when I can, and nature, I love listening to birds, water when I can get near a river.

Re: what’s in your tool box?

Hi @BlueBay 


I don't have a coping box or anything like it - I have the things most people have like colouring books and music - and I play the piano which is great


This week I have had an abundance of stress and although having to work out the stress often with my headaching and my stomach churning was repetitive and rather boring - it did work and was worth the effort


The migraine stayed but the stress eased


So I sit in a chair and write what's bothering me all over a sheet of paper then then shut my eyes and massage my arms and shoulders and legs without moving too much and ease it out and tease it out - it takes time esp when the stress is due to uncertainty and most people know this - I'm not solving anything while I rock gently


But after I saw my doctor and had something for the migraine I found the stress had dropped a lot. I think stress manifests itself in different ways for different people - we all have to deal with it at some times in our lives


I learned this in the past - a long time ago - I don't think anything I was taught or read about - rather it is a combination of things I have found helpful - 


I hope you find something that works for you 


And people have made brillliant suggestions here - worth book-marking this thread



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